What if My Spouse Doesn’t Want a Divorce But I Do?

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The decision to get a divorce is a incredibly difficult one to make. Unfortunately, it is not always a mutual decision. While you may see the writing on the wall, your spouse may not feel the same way. When you finally work up the courage to tell your spouse you want a divorce, only to have them tell you they do not want to get one and will not agree to one, that can be incredibly frustrating. Read More

Prenups and Postnups: How Far Do They Extend?

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Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements have become incredibly common. Both are preemptive ways of specifying what happens to property and assets in the event spouses divorce. While most prenups and postnups are created out of mutual respect between the parties, there are some circumstances in which they are they are not created in a manner that is fair to both parties. In these situations, courts will sometimes invalidate the prenup or postnup out of concern for the well-being of the spouse who was placed at a significant disadvantage when they signed the document. What are these circumstances, and what should you know before getting a prenup or postnup? Read More

Understanding the Financial Aspects of Divorce

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Many of our clients worry that divorce will not only take an emotional toll upon them but will also take a financial toll. While everyone seems to know someone who struggled financially after their divorce, the truth is that divorce does not mean financial ruin. Having a skilled and experienced divorce attorney by your side through the process is the best way for you to navigate divorce-related finances and ensure that you end up with the best settlement once your divorce is finalized. Read on to learn more about the financial aspects of divorce. Read More

How Does Divorce Affect Embryos Conceived Using IVF?

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Many couples go through the difficult struggle of conceiving a child. Often times, they turn to medicine to help them conceive, and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the most widely-used scientific procedures to help couples with their fertility struggles. As part of the IVF process, typically couples create multiple viable embryos at once. These embryos are then stored in case the couple would like them for future use. While IVF works for many and brings joy to the lives of couples every day, IVF can bring confusion and anger to separating couples. When a couple decides to separate and still has viable frozen embryos, what happens to the embryos? Who makes that call? Read More

What Should Senior Citizens Know About Divorce?

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Most people think that divorce happens only in young couples. However, “silver divorces” are incredibly common, especially in a state like Florida that has a large senior citizen population. Divorced is complicated for any couple, however it can be particularly tricky for senior citizens. One of the trickiest problems divorcing senior citizens face is how to determine spousal support and divide their assets. Read More