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What Happens To Your Child Custody Arrangement When Your Ex Moves to a Different State

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You and your ex are making your child custody arrangement work. It might not be ideal, and there is the occasional challenge, but for the most part, it’s working for everyone and your children are settled into the new rhythm. Then, your ex calls to say they’re moving out of the state. They still want to be involved in your children’s lives and want to make it work. What does this mean for you, your children, and your child custody arrangement? Read More

Protecting Yourself When You File for Divorce from an Abusive Spouse

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Divorce is never easy. However, divorcing an abusive spouse raises serious concerns for the safety of the spouse filing for divorce and any children who are involved. If you are divorcing an abusive spouse, you’ve taken an important first step in the right direction, but there is more that you need to know to ensure you and any children you may have are protected. Read More

How to Lessen the Traumatic Effects of a Nasty and Prolonged Divorce on Children

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Divorce is often a very difficult and emotionally draining process, especially if the divorce is not the product of an amicable separation. Divorcing spouses frequently fight, yell, and cry and home is not a happy place for anyone. It’s a traumatic time for separating spouses, but it can also be a particularly traumatic time for their children. Even if you cannot avoid the fact that your divorce is contentious, you can, and should, minimize the effect it has on your children. Here are some tips and strategies you can use if you and your children are struggling with divorce. Read More

Can You Serve Your Spouse With Divorce Papers on Facebook?

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Florida law says that, to begin the divorce process, you must file a divorce petition with a court and then serve the petition and summons on your spouse. But what happens when you are unable to locate your spouse to serve them with divorce papers? If you are unable to locate your spouse you may then constructively serve them by using a process also known as service by publication.  The popularity and widespread use of social media have raised many questions regarding whether service by publication may be affected by a spouse being served with divorce papers on Facebook. Read More

What Are Postnuptial Agreements?

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Everyone has heard of a prenuptial agreement. A recent survey found that attorneys have seen an increase over the past three years in the total number of clients who are seeking prenuptial agreements. Not everyone has heard of a postnuptial agreement, however. Postnuptial agreements may be a good option for couples after they marry, for a variety of reasons. This post will provide information about postnuptial agreements, Read More