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What to Expect at Your First Meeting in Tampa


Initial consultations are important in family law. For the attorney, you get an opportunity to meet the person, determine their needs, goals, and interests. You learn about the facts and issues in their case, and you begin to develop a relationship.

For the potential client, it’s an opportunity to interview your potential attorney, get answers to questions, and to learn about your legal rights and responsibilities.

We want you to feel comfortable about your first meeting before you even walk in the door. Although your first meeting might vary a little depending on your needs and the details of your case, here is a general idea of what will happen when we first sit down with you.

We Want to Get to Know You

We begin by gathering information about you, your family, and your assets and debts. This is accomplished by a face-to-face interview and completion of a questionnaire that will be emailed to you before the first meeting.

We ask that you fill out the questionnaire as best you are able and to bring it to the first meeting to help give us the information we need to discuss your case and potential issues.

By identifying your goals and concerns early on, we can ensure that your initial conference is productive by taking the first steps in your case.

From the very first meeting, we begin laying the foundation of your case’s strategy.

Reviewing the Details of Your Case

Part of the initial consultation process is as an information gathering session. Anything you can provide will give us a better understanding of the issues in your case. However, you shouldn’t feel the need to spend a significant amount of time obtaining and gathering documents prior to the first meeting.

Depending on the level of detail you provide, we can even run a few preliminary numbers to give you an idea of what you might expect in terms of child support, alimony, and the distribution of your assets and debts.

At this stage, this is likely to be a very general discussion, but clients usually leave our office feeling a bit more at ease, and with real answers from an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer like Blair Chan.