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6 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Winning Your Child Custody Case

We know your children are extremely important to you. Losing custody of your children can be devastating for both you and your kids. Dealing with your child custody case is often extremely emotional, which can negatively impact your thinking. Is there anything you can do to increase your chances of winning your child custody case?

Avoid Big Moves that Can Negatively Impact Your Child

Courts are hesitant to upset the status quo when it comes to awarding child custody. That means that a judge may be less likely to grant custody if you have recently made a big move away from your child’s school district. If your move makes it harder for the child to see the other parent or participate in regular activities, that can affect a judge’s decision as well.

Ensure a Safe Living Environment

If you are in a transitionary period, as many are when they end a relationship, you need to focus on finding a stable situation for your children. If the judge thinks, for any reason, that your living situation is unsafe or inadequate, child custody (and possibly even visitation) will not be awarded. Whether you are living with family or in your own house, you need to ensure that your children have a designated space and that they will be safe and comfortable in your home.

Ensure That Your Work Situation Works with Your Kids

It will help your custody case if your working situation allows you to tend to the needs of your children. That can mean having a flexible working schedule or working hours that will enable you to attend extracurricular activities or other events. Having a specific plan regarding who will care for the children when you are unavailable will also be helpful.

Avoid Bringing in a Cohabitator Too Soon

It will take your children some time to adjust to their new living situation without the other parent. Bringing in a third party that your child does not know, such as a new boyfriend or girlfriend, can reflect poorly on you as a parent if you make this move too quickly. Having another “parent figure” around your children can cause conflict with the other parent as well.

Always Put Your Child’s Needs First

It is tough to admit when the other parent can provide your child with a better life than you can based on their situation. While you should absolutely try to provide your children with the best life possible, there are circumstances where you need to put your desires aside and focus on what will be best for your children. Take a hard look at your situation and talk with your family law attorney about whether litigation on a child custody issue is worth pursuing.

Hire a Family Law Attorney

Having an experienced family law attorney on your side can significantly increase your chances of obtaining a favorable result in your child custody case. Our team can help you develop the most persuasive argument possible. Call us today to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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