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Divorce Modification Lawyer

Divorce Modification Attorney No matter how detailed you draft your divorce agreement, it is likely to require revisions at some point in the future. This is especially true if you have children with a former spouse.

As children get older and become involved in more activities and incomes fluctuate, there may be changes that need to be made to arrangements previously agreed upon…

We help our clients at all stages of their family law matters—even after the case is finalized. Whether you need to change your agreement or get the court’s help to enforce it, it is important to work with a Tampa divorce modification lawyer who can help resolve your dispute as smooth as possible.

You have moved on with your life; it’s our job to keep you moving forward.

Child Support Modifications

When one of the parties involved wishes to change a child support order, they must be able to show the court that circumstances have changed, and that this change is substantial, material, permanent, involuntary and unforeseen.

In some cases, this means a child support obligor has experienced a reduction in income making it hard to meet all their financial obligations. In other cases, a health issue means it’s appropriate to increase or decrease child support.

Additionally, the other parent may have experienced a change at work that has resulted in increased income, or perhaps you have had other children that you need to support and want to revisit the child support you are paying for your older children … We can help with this.

We have also helped many individuals with their modifications, and work hard to make sure those modifications serve the child’s best interest.

Parental Responsibility and Timesharing Modifications

If you share children with an ex-spouse, then you will probably deal with a modification issue at some point in the future. As children grow up, they might become active in sports, lessons, or some other extracurricular activity that necessitates a change in their visitation schedule.

Further, there have been many recent changes in Florida family law towards equal timesharing and contact with children. You may have questions about how these new laws may benefit you and your children.

If you or your ex-partner changes jobs or relocates, then that may be another cause for a modification to your prior agreement. Fortunately, many families are able to make these changes in a straightforward, peaceful way. We work with all kinds of families to make sure their lives are disrupted as little as possible.

Changes are inevitable, but being able to adjust to them smoothly while operating two separate family households is key.

Non-Payment of Child Support

Sometimes people forget that child support is put in place to make sure children are supported financially, and that their lifestyles are maintained after their parents’ divorce. The law explicitly states that the main goal of child support is always the child’s best interest.

Unfortunately, child support often becomes a sore point between parents. It can even be used as a way of gaining leverage in a disagreement over parenting time or other issues.

If you are in the middle of a child support dispute, we can help you work through it collaboratively to ensure that all parties reach a fair and amicable agreement.

Experience You Can Count On

Post-judgment modifications and enforcements are governed by state laws that can be quite complicated and confusing at times. In many cases, knowing when to file is just as important as knowing what type of motion to file.

Your divorce modification attorney can help you to create a case strategy designed to get the results you’re looking for without compromising any agreements you made with your ex-spouse.

We know how delicate these situations can be, and how important it is to maintain positive interaction.

Speak to a Board Certified Tampa Divorce Modification Lawyer Today

We concentrate our entire practice on family law cases while devoting a significant portion of our practice to helping clients enforce agreements and making changes to existing orders regarding child support and time-sharing. Give us a call today to discuss your case. Contact our Tampa divorce modification lawyer today for help.

Modifications and enforcement in family law matters can be extraordinarily complex. Contact us today to speak to a board-certified child support and time sharing modification attorney. Our clients come from the Tampa Bay area including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Plant City. We also have clients from Pinellas County, Pasco County, and Hillsborough County.

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