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Client Testimonials

Helping our clients through tough times and effectively and efficiently resolving difficult family law issues is our mission. Here are just a few of the positive things our clients have to say about our firm:

“Mr. Chan guided me through my recent divorce. Throughout the process, he provided excellent representation while addressing my needs and concerns. Mr. Chan was always available with answers to my legal questions, and I always felt I was given all of the information and assistance I needed to make the best decisions for myself and my children.”

“Mr. Chan is honest, rational, educated, and possesses all of the traits reasonable people look for in an attorney, but mostly, I appreciate that he understands that the most desirable outcome in a dissolution that involves children is one in which both parties can function as co-parents afterward…”

“Blair took me in during a very stressful and difficult time of my life and put me at ease from day one of meeting him. He took the time to listen and understand what I was going through. He didn’t just focus on the case, but also how I was doing personally as well. He was very professional and his advice has been invaluable. I would and do recommend him to others when I hear they may be facing a divorce. Bottom line is he is a top notch attorney and an ethical man.”

“Blair was a pleasure to work with on my case. Anytime I needed to know something they were great to responding quickly. I highly recommend him.”

“Blair was upfront and honest. I was involved in a divorce with my ex-husband when our parenting plan was very weakly written by my previous attorney. At the time of my divorce I wanted to be done with my divorce so I compromised at mediation. But two years later, I was still trying to see my kids despite the week parenting plan that allowed my ex husband to alot a certain number of nights visitation at his discretion.”

“Many attorneys charge you money just to talk to you. Blair was there to help me with advice and then I paid for his services when I needed him. Very helpful, friendly and truly looked out for my best interests.”

“I am a lawyer myself, so when I needed to hire a lawyer for my divorce I wanted the best. I spoke with several lawyers, but Blair’s calm presence and high level experience swayed me to hire him. It ended up being a great decision as he worked efficiently to achieve a favorable outcome. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing a divorce lawyer, I highly recommend Mr. Chan.”

“I was thoroughly impressed at how well Blair represented me in my case. He put the other attorney to shame. He had prepared extremely well for our days in court in front of the judge, voiced very persuasive arguments backed up with detailed facts, and overall was stellar in his delivery and handling cross-questioning. I hope to never have to go through a divorce again, but if I do, he would be my absolute choice once again.”

“Blair’s approach is very straight forward. I retained him for an uncontested divorce. He was very responsive and knowledgable about the specific questions I had. I got the sense early on that Blair was very honest and straight forward, and his approach made me feel like we were sticking to the issues which helped us avoid increased costs. The resulting MSA he crafted was prepared in 48 hours and contained provisions I hadn’t even thought about such as tax implications of alimony etc. His office is incredibly responsive from start to finish-same day. His assistant as well is very detailed and professional, she even provided my info on where to park for the final hearing. I was very pleased with the representation I received for the duration of my case. Blair’s office made an unpleasant situation tolerable.”

“Mr. Chan helped me obtain an uncontested divorce, with the least amount of pain, money and time of just about any divorce I am aware. I always knew he had my (and my family’s) best interest in mind. At the judgment hearing, I watched a couple of attorneys and their clients be told that they would have to return at a later date with further/corrected paperwork before their divorce settlements could be finalized. The judge granted mine in less than 5 minutes since Mr. Chan made sure that all of my paperwork was in order the first time.”

“Divorce and family law issues are not pleasant. However, Blair makes the process as smooth and painless as possible. Blair is very practical, honest, and offers advice aimed at reducing or avoiding high-cost litigation. I’ve worked with him on many issues ranging from child support modification, alimony modification, relocation, and other disputes that have arisen post-divorce. I highly recommend him.”

“Mr. Chan has done an excellent job representing me on a few occasions over the past 10 years. I appreciate his realistic perspective of issues. He is not a lawyer that believes in “sticking it to” the other party, but rather promotes an attitude that encourages compromise first. This can save a tremendous amount of time, personal anxiety and fees that in the end you would realize were never really necessary.”

“Mr. Chan is a caring, very nice man. He kept me informed of the events of my case. I highly recommend him.”

“Blair was very helpful walking me through the whole process of a very difficult divorce. We were married 20 years and have a child with severe disabilities and Blair was conscientious of my needs also regarding my two younger children who had lost their grandfather that lived with us for ten years and the loss of their parents marriage. He was accessible, empathetic and resourceful.
I am pleased I was able to work with Blair under difficult circumstances!
Highly recommend Blair; not just an attorney; a family man and someone who cares.”

“Highly recommend Blair. He successfully negotiated for me at mediation, which resulted in lower child care payments for me. He also negotiated an agreement, in my favor, out of court when my ex-spouse and her husband verbally assaulted me. He is always there when I need him and promptly responds to my emails or phone inquiries, even on weekends. He is a straight shooter and will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.”

“I recently engaged Blair to represent me in a request to modify my time-share plan and child support obligation. Blair thoroughly researched my case and provided thoughtful guidance on how to navigate the issues and reach a desired conclusion. We came thoroughly prepared to my mediation and ultimately reached resolution with my ex-wife on several of the key concerns that caused me to initiation the motion in the first place. Blair and his colleague Stephanie were always reachable, were timely in their communication and provided a level of “bedside manner” that you won’t find from an attorney in a larger practice. I think Blair’s hourly rates and billing practices are extremely fair and would highly recommend them for various family law issues.”

“Blair did a fantastic job. He was thorough and attentive. I felt like he truly cared about ensuring I was fairly represented. He was very knowledgeable and expertly guided me through the entire process. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

“I hired Mr. Blair Chan III to represent me on an alimony modification case. The first things that impressed me about Blair were: his knowledge of the law, his concern for me as a client (and his consideration of my concerns), and his attention to detail. Blair is Board Certified in Marital and Family Law by the Florida Bar; this was a big factor in my selecting him. He clearly explained the strengths and risks of my case based on Florida law and on his experience. He paid particular attention to my concerns to assure that my school-age children were not pulled into the case. His thoughtfulness and expertise made the decision to hire him an easy one…”

“Mr. Chan successfully handled a very complex child visitation matter, including changing jurisdiction to another Florida County where we now reside. He was incredibly professional in dealing with the ex’s obnoxious and recalcitrant lawyer and his knowledge of the appropriate strategy and the steps to implement it for our son was second to none. I am an attorney myself and interviewed many Hillsborough County high-profile law firms before deciding that Mr. Chan should handle this sensitive matter for my family…”

“In my situation, my wife is mentally ill. When I brought her to a doctor, she filed for divorce because: “I no longer understood her”. Several series of events followed, and included: a lifetime violent restraining order against my wife from a dance studio (she stalked and physically threatened them), my children’s private school demanding an evaluation (first of 2 incidents), and a contempt of court charge for vaccinating my children; despite Florida law requiring the vaccinations and no legitimate exemption, etc…”

“Blair has been representing me for a little over three years now. He’s honest, rational, educated, and possesses all of the traits reasonable people look for in an attorney, but mostly, I appreciate that he understands that the most desirable outcome in a dissolution that involves children is one in which both parties can function as co-parents afterward.”

“Really helpful staff. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a divorce lawyer in Tampa. I was going through a bad divorce, glad I had them on my side.”

“A fantastic lawyer. I would highly recommend using his services.”

“Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you!”

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