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Coping With Grief Symptoms During A FL Divorce


Legal concerns are only one component of a Florida divorce. Emotional strain is also likely, it is common for individuals to feel overwhelmed by feelings of anger, sadness, and grief. This is natural, shifting your entire living situation and plans for the future is upsetting. It can take time to acclimate and thrive.

If you are experiencing grief, know there are support systems available to help you through the divorce process. Many find the guidance of counselors and therapists beneficial in order to strengthen their personal life. And while you focus on healing emotionally, a seasoned Tampa family lawyer can attend to all of the legal details of the divorce.

Losing Motivation and Disbelief

When people are sad, they may lose their motivation to pursue activities that typically brought them joy in the past. They could have a difficult time even believing that they are in their current situation. Even when a person is aware of their marriage breaking down over time, the reality of a divorce could result in them feeling lost. Talking through your sadness could bring relief. Friends, family members, mental health professionals, and support groups are all good alternatives for connection.

And while denial can be part of grief, you need to protect yourself when your spouse files paperwork for a divorce. Surprise, shock, and upset is a reality for many, but that does not mean you have to accept the terms outlined by your spouse and their attorney. You should hire your own attorney who will build the life you want, a legal expert who will push back on bad faith efforts for compromise given the details of your marriage and the assets and liabilities that have been gathered throughout the course of the union.

Some Experience Anger Before Acceptance

If you feel wronged, possibly your spouse was unfaithful and you were surprised to learn of the affair and the divorce request, it is natural to be angry. Many exiting a marriage find themselves mad and frustrated. Sometimes this anger needs to be experienced by the individual before they are able to accept the situation and move toward a better tomorrow.

Divorce is difficult, but experienced professionals are available to guide you through this complicated time. Meet with a Tampa family lawyer to discuss your situation today and your plans once your divorce is finalized. Then, your attorney will work hard to secure the divorce agreement you are seeking.

Are you in need of time and space to focus on your emotional recovery after separating from your spouse? There are supports available to help you through the process. When you share your story with an experienced family attorney, they can move forward with all of the negotiations and legalities while you focus on you. To get the process started, connect with the legal team at Blair H. Chan, III. With years of experience representing Florida individuals ending a marriage, our attorneys will listen closely to your post-divorce life objectives and work to secure the life you want. Call 813-202-7831 to schedule a consultation.

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