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Finding Areas Of Agreement When Ending A Marriage


When possible, finding common ground when getting a divorce in Florida has significant benefits for both parties. For instance, both individuals will save time and money. Negotiating terms is far less expensive and time consuming than going to court as litigating a divorce can be a long and costly process. Also, when there are children involved, mutual agreements can pave the path to a successful co-parenting relationship.

Bring your questions to a seasoned Tampa family lawyer. A skilled attorney who compassionately listens to your story can share possible resolutions with you. Then, agreements can be negotiated rather than having the same fights with your soon-to-be-ex spouse repeatedly.

Reaching a Fair and Reasonable Agreement

An attorney can help you find common ground in areas of your divorce agreement, which can lead to fair and reasonable divorce terms both parties are comfortable with. When both individuals are satisfied with a divorce agreement, it can help to prevent future disputes. This is extremely beneficial as there are situations in which conflicts arise later and old wounds are reopened.

And if you  have children, another benefit of mutual agreement could be to minimize the negative impact on children involved. By working together to come to a fair agreement, it may be possible to lessen the likelihood of toxic fighting, which can have long-term benefits for children whose parents have split up and divorced. Committing to a positive future is a great way to transition from treating your child’s other parent as a spouse to seeing them as a co-parent, another person who is committed to guiding your children to a successful adulthood.

Clarifying Your Goals Can Help

Sometimes it is difficult to reach solutions because spouses are arguing about every issue. When you take time to clarify your priorities, it can lead to areas of agreement, a great position for negotiation. For example, instead of fighting over a vacation home and a real estate investment, consider if one is more important to you than the other. If the vacation home has a lot of emotional value as you have been creating memories there for years, you may decide that you are open to letting the real estate investment go, having your spouse retain that, if you can become the sole owner of the vacation property.

When you bring your objectives to a Tampa family lawyer, they can advise you on what is possible and point to any wishes you have that are less likely to be finalized in a Florida family court. Your attorney could walk you through what amount of alimony or child support will be possible and if primary custody is an option if your spouse is pushing for a co-parenting agreement, all details will be assessed depending on the unique facts of your situation.

Could you use legal guidance on how to obtain an uncontested divorce? Even when you and your spouse have ongoing disagreements, there could be solutions in reach. Connect with the legal team at Blair H. Chan, III to access the knowledge and experience you need to secure your post-divorce life goals. Schedule your consultation today, call 813-202-7831.

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