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Outside Experts Used During Collaborative Divorce


Collaborative divorce is a method of alternative dispute resolution growing in popularity for couples in Florida who wish to divorce without the lengthy and adversarial nature of traditional courtroom divorce. One of the benefits of the collaborative divorce method is the ability to use outside experts to help guide and create solutions that work best for your situation. At the law office of Blair H. Chan, III, we are prepared to advocate for your needs in collaborative divorce and answer any questions you may have about the process. To learn more, contact our Tampa divorce attorneys today.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a form of dispute resolution that takes place outside of the courtroom and used to settle outstanding matters in divorce cases. Each spouse must sign a pledge prior to beginning this process where they promise to try their best to reach a resolution on their issues. Each person enters into a collaborative divorce with their own attorney, and after identifying the major issues in the divorce outside experts may be brought in to inform and guide decision making as well as answer questions and provide clarity throughout the collaborative process. The purpose of collaborative divorce is for the couple to collaborate on finding a solution, as opposed to the antagonistic nature of traditional litigated divorce. Once the issues are resolved, a final divorce settlement is drafted and submitted to the court for final approval.

Outside Experts Utilized in Collaborative Divorce

There are many different types of outside experts that may be called to help assist in the collaborative divorce process. Some of the most commonly used experts include the following:

Financial planners

Financial planners and accountants are experts who can be critical to issues regarding property distribution and alimony. These experts can help illustrate what each spouse’s financial outlook will be during and after the divorce as well as how various settlement options will impact each person. This helps each side see their options and collaborate on a settlement that works for them both.

Asset appraisers

Asset appraisers are another type of expert that can be valuable when there is uncertainty in the equitable distribution of property. Appraisers can be used for residential and commercial real estate in addition to personal property that may be at issue in a divorce. Understanding the value of property and its potential depreciation can greatly assist in equitably dividing property between spouses.

Child psychologists

When minor children are involved in the divorce, child psychologists can be extremely helpful in determining what custody and visitation schedule is in the best interests of the child. They can provide insight on the child’s perspective and wishes as well as inform parents on how their schedule options and co-parenting may affect the wellbeing of their child.

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