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Ways To Reduce Legal Fees When Divorcing


You may have heard divorce is expensive from people in your social circle, and it can be, but if you are worried about the financial impact of ending your marriage know there are things you can do to reduce legal fees. Staying organized, being honest with your attorney, and finding areas of agreement can help to keep costs down.

Naturally, there are things you can’t control. How your spouse behaves, for example. But responding promptly and being open to compromise on your end can reduce expenses. To learn more about how to keep your expenses low and achieve the result you want, connect with an experienced Tampa divorce attorney.

Effective Communication and Honesty

When it is possible to have a civil discussion with your spouse about some issues, such as schedules for co-parenting, the divorce process may be smoother. That said, if you are not able to have a productive conversation, then have your lawyer do the communicating for you. An attorney will charge you for the time they spend as an intermediary, but they can also share effective communication strategies with you. For instance, your attorney may develop a parenting plan, complete with a custody schedule, to use moving forward.

Because your attorney will be negotiating on your behalf, it is essential you are honest with them. Not disclosing details about yourself that you don’t believe are favorable can cause problems later. Because if your spouse brings those details up and your lawyer is not prepared, it can lengthen the divorce process, leading to more legal fees. When you are upfront and honest, your lawyer can work to secure the results you want without delay.

Understanding Where You Could Compromise

When people are emotionally distressed over their marriage ending, it can be difficult for them to see areas of compromise. Yet fighting your spouse and working to inflict pain on them can lead to a lot of distress and expense on your side as well.

If possible, think about what you need for a stable future post-divorce. Focus on your own goals, understanding that some points of conflict may need to be resolved through compromise in order for you to achieve your main objectives.

Staying organized and responding to your Tampa divorce attorney promptly can also help in reducing expenses. When your finances are organized, you and your lawyer can find areas where a negotiation could take place. An example of this is if you are willing to let your spouse keep a larger portion of an investment portfolio, maybe they will sign over to you primary ownership of the marital home.

Is the expense of divorce something that is worrying you? There are strategies that can help to reduce divorce expenses. Connect with the legal team at Blair H. Chan, III to learn more. Once our skilled attorneys understand your budget and your goals post-divorce, we can develop a path forward and assess debt and asset division. If you have questions about how much a  divorce will cost and how to get started, call 813-202-7831 to schedule a consultation.

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