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What Details Belong In A Parenting Plan?


When minor children are involved in a Florida divorce, one of the most important documents created as part of the divorce settlement is the parenting plan. The parenting plan contains all of the details and information about how you and your soon-to-be former spouse will co-parent your child after the divorce. It is critical that every aspect of a parenting plan is considered, negotiated, and agreed upon by the parents, and having an experienced Florida divorce attorney by your side is critical to this process.

At the law office of Blair H. Chan, III in Tampa Bay, our team understands the importance of a parenting plan and will ensure that the one drafted for your divorce has you, and your child’s, best interests at heart. To learn more about how our office can help, call or contact us today for a consultation.

Elements of a Parenting Plan 

There are two main elements to every parenting plan. The first element addresses parenting time, which is also referred to as the time-sharing child custody schedule. The second element of a parenting plan is the determination of parental responsibility, or each parent’s right to make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing like their schooling, medical decisions, religious upbringing, and more. Within these two elements are a number of smaller details that comprehensively cover all aspects of a parenting plan.

Parenting Time Details 

The details involved with parenting time are determined first by whether the parents are sharing joint physical custody of the child, or if one parent is retaining sole physical custody. With joint custody, the parents must determine how much time the child spends at each parent’s home. This includes time during the work/school week, weekends, holidays, vacation time, and any other days specifically important to your family.

If one parent is retaining physical custody but visitation is allowed with the child, the parenting time section of a parenting plan should detail the parameters of visitation. Are visits supervised or unsupervised? Where can the noncustodial parent take the child, and for how long? 

Parental Responsibility Details 

The details involved with parental responsibility are determined by whether the parents share legal custody of the child or if one parent retains sole custody. In a sole custody situation, one parent is given all decision making authority about the child’s care. If the parents share joint legal custody, however, there are many details that should be included in this part of the parenting plan. The child’s school, primary care provider, and religious institution should be identified. A detailed plan of how parental responsibilities are shared should be developed, along with how the parents plan to communicate about decisions. A parent should be designated as the primary decision maker about educational and healthcare choices, and the parenting plan should address how the parents will settle any differences that arise in the decisions about their child’s upbringing. 

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