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Building A Support System When A Marriage Ends


People who have been married for an extended period of time often have developed a support system that involves friends you share with your spouse, family members (even in-laws), and your spouse themselves. These are the people you have been turning to with daily issues and life-changing decisions. But divorce can upend your current support system, meaning you will have to build another network to help you through a time of huge life changes.

A Tampa family lawyer can be part of your support team if you are moving to divorce in Florida. Your attorney can take care of all the legalities of a marriage ending so you can focus on creating the future you want.

Family, Friends, and Other Forms of Emotional Support

Humans are a species that connects to others. After all, people find they thrive when they feel they have a community that supports their needs. When connections are broken, it is common for people to feel lonely and isolated. While change is part of life, there are things you can do that will make it easier for you to heal while divorcing. Building a new network of support can bring relief during a painful period.

Family and friends are often the first people individuals think of when they need to connect with another person and talk through their emotions. Having someone you can trust can be a wonderful way to avoid self-isolation, which can lead to ruminating thoughts and distress. But there are times when people feel their friends and family are too connected to their spouse as well, that they are not focused on supporting their individual needs.

Professional support can be a great solution when friends aren’t available or you need more guidance. Experts know how to move you through the stages of grief and uncomfortable emotions in a constructive way. There are counselors and therapists who specialize in working with people navigating a divorce. Additionally, support groups are an option for people who want to share stories in a group setting.

Your Support System Will Likely Include Professional Experts

While support systems do include emotional support, your team of people will likely also include financial and legal professionals. Financial professionals, such as accountants and financial planners, can guide you through planning for the future and provide information about assets and debts to your Tampa family lawyer. Information from the financial expert could help your attorney determine a fair allocation of resources and support payments, for example.

Is it time for you to talk to a Florida divorce attorney? Ending a marriage is difficult, but there are compassionate professionals who can help you through the process and assist you in building your support team. For the legal guidance you need, reach out to the legal team at Blair H. Chan, III. If you need connections to other resources, that is also possible. Our seasoned attorneys will work to fight for the future you want while you build a life in which you can thrive. To get started, call 813-202-7831 to schedule an initial consultation.

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