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Common Questions Before Leaving A Marital Home


If you find yourself contemplating whether or not to move out of a martial home, it’s crucial to make an informed decision. If you are looking for legal guidance, know that attorneys can provide you with invaluable support, connecting you with answers during a time that often feels unstable.

Bring your questions about moving out, separation, and divorce to the attention of a skilled Tampa family lawyer. A couple of common questions follow, and when you make an appointment with an attorney they can address the specifics of your unique situation.

What Are the Legal Implications of Moving Out?

Before making a decision, it’s vital to understand the legal consequences of leaving the marital home. A family attorney can help you navigate the specific laws in Florida and advise on the potential impact of your circumstances.

For example, if children are involved, moving out can significantly impact custody arrangements. You want to be sure your decision today aligns with your desired outcome regarding time-sharing and parental responsibilities.

It is also important to recognize that moving out does not necessarily absolve you of financial responsibilities related to the marital home. You may still be obligated to pay for mortgage fees, utility bills, and property maintenance. You will need to assess whether these expenses, on top of the costs of establishing a new home, is affordable for you. Moving in with friends or family may be an option if the costs are too high.

Who Keeps the Belongings?

Determining what items you can take with you is another consideration. It is possible, particularly if you have been married for an extended period of time, that some of your possessions will be considered marital property, which will need to be equitably distributed should the marriage dissolve. Be sure you are well-informed before making any moves.

Even when a separation is a trial, leaving the marital home may affect the division of assets should your separation become permanent and move toward the divorce proceedings. Depending on your long-term goals, staying in the marital home may provide certain legal advantages. For instance, if retaining the marital home is a priority, staying in the house may be a strategic move once property negotiations begin.

Because every Florida couple who is preparing to separate has its own concerns, seeking legal advice from a seasoned Tampa family lawyer is essential before deciding to move out. An experienced attorney will listen compassionately to your story. Then, they can provide personalized advice based on your situation, helping you make choices that align with what you want now and far into the future.

Should you move out? Changing residence may be your top priority at the moment, but you also need to consider how moving will impact property division and child custody should your separation lead to divorce. Having the knowledgeable legal team at Blair H. Chan, III by your side can make a significant difference, allowing you to make informed decisions today and moving forward. For a review of your situation, call 813-202-7831.

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