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Divorce And Hiring A Florida Family Attorney


A lot of issues surface when a couple is moving toward divorce, one of them is finances. For this reason, you may be wondering how much a family attorney can help you and if it is worth spending the money when you are concerned about how assets will be distributed. Before making a final decision, recognize that forgoing legal representation could be more expensive than hiring a Florida family attorney.

When you first connect with a Tampa divorce attorney, share your situation and let them know how you hope a lawyer can help you. Then, you will learn about your options, including the cost of hiring a lawyer and exactly how that expense will benefit you.

Prioritizing Key Priorities

When a couple is separating, it is common for both individuals to want the lion’s share of resources collected over the course of the marriage. And each side may have reasons for believing they should access these resources, leading to ongoing arguments. When you have a legal professional guiding you through the divorce process, they will help you to identify the top priorities. Then, negotiations can begin in earnest.

Additionally, a lawyer knows how to stay on top of deadlines for petitions and motions while accessing expert testimony, if required to secure your goals. For some, child custody and child support payments are the key priorities. Others may find themselves letting some assets go in order to retain ownership of the marital home. Each marriage is unique and every separation will have its own issues to resolve. Protect your long term future when you have a lawyer on your side.

Even when you and your spouse agree on the outline of a divorce agreement, it is likely not in your best interests to share a lawyer with your spouse. Unexpected issues may arise and there is the possibility of assets being valued incorrectly. Sharing an attorney means there is no legal professional working directly for you. Sometimes couples who share a lawyer find themselves opening the divorce terms back up later. Avoiding missteps now means you can avoid future legal stress.

A Tampa divorce attorney will prepare your case to strengthen the possibility of you obtaining all of your goals. And if a strategy needs to be adjusted along the way, a skilled lawyer knows how to do it successfully, without issues becoming murky and leading to a conflict escalation. Divorce is emotional, an attorney will take care of the legal requirements while you care for yourself.

Talk to a Florida Family Attorney Today

Is it time for you to connect with an experienced Florida Lawyer?  If you have questions or concerns, know that legal professionals can guide you through the process and inform you of possible outcomes. There are Tampa family lawyers who have the talents, qualifications, and skills you need. Meet with the legal team at Blair H. Chan, III to discuss your goals. Our attorneys can strategize a path forward. Call 813-202-7831 today to schedule a case consultation. 

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