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Divorce Cases And 2 Kinds Of Witnesses


Divorce agreements are usually achieved through negotiation. When the two people exiting the marriage are able to create a path forward with the help of mediators and lawyers, the process will be faster and less expensive. That said, there are times when a divorce heads to court and witnesses are part of the process.

An experienced Tampa divorce attorney can look over the details of your situation and inform you of what path will be necessary in order for you to achieve your objectives. They will also let you know what type of witness you may need or if you should be worried about witnesses the other party is securing.

Character Witnesses and Expert Witnesses

Witnesses brought forward are typically character witnesses or expert witnesses. Their statements could be used in custody disputes or be a resource for learning more about accusations of adultery, abandonment, or cruelty.

Character witnesses are often professionals from a childcare center or neighbors familiar with the family and their lives. Family members are typically not a good choice as they are seen as too biased in their opinions. You want someone who can speak to the character of the individuals involved but is themselves a third party.

When an expert would benefit a case, a psychologist or forensic accountant could be contacted. These are people who are using their training and expertise to untangle some of the facts of a dispute. There are pros and cons to using witnesses. For example, expert witnesses are compensated for their time and work. This will result in your divorce costing more money.

Seasoned Attorneys Know When to Forgo Witnesses

Every factor of your divorce needs to be carefully assessed. Subpoenaing a witness opens up avenues of risk. The testimony a person provides may not be exactly what you expect. This could lead to your divorce heading down a different path than you intended.

Thankfully, skilled Tampa divorce attorneys know when it is appropriate and advantageous to call witnesses and when it is best to pursue other forms of evidence to support your goals. Knowing exactly how to strengthen your case will save you time and resources. Navigating the divorce process on your own or sharing a lawyer with your spouse can lead to agreements you do not like and future legal battles. Connect with a legal professional you trust today to achieve the divorce agreement you are seeking in the most efficient way.

Are you curious about how witnesses could support or hurt your divorce objectives? To secure the future you want, connect with legal professionals who can guide you through the process and inform you of possible outcomes. A qualified Tampa family lawyer has the skills you need.  Meet with the legal team at Blair H. Chan, III to discuss what you want your life to look like once your divorce is finalized. A skilled attorney can answer all of your questions and concerns while strategizing a path forward. Call 813-202-7831 today to schedule a case consultation.

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