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Divorce Mediation Is An Alternative To Litigation


Protecting your best interests is top of mind for many individuals going through a divorce. And while litigation and court could be part of the process for some, others are able to agree to solutions through mediation, a process that can be faster, less expensive, and allow you to move toward your future with confidence. Divorce is emotionally draining, and going to court can result in no one involved truly winning.

Talk through the possibility of mediation with a skilled Tampa divorce attorney to understand what options are available given the details of your Florida marriage. If there is a path to negotiations and settling differences outside of court, it may be advantageous for you and your post-divorce goals.

Mediation Can Lead to More Control of Outcomes

Some divorcing couples prefer mediation over litigation because they have more control over the details of their settlement. After all, when you go before a Florida court, the judge will be making final decisions. When communication and negotiation is possible, the two individuals divorcing are able to land on an agreement that provides each person with what they need.

A handful of benefits to a Florida divorce mediation:

  • Control over final decisions
  • Mediation process is confidential
  • Save time and money
  • Flexible solutions are possible
  • Less formal than a court setting

If you are worried about your future being decided by a person you don’t know, mediation could be a better option for you than the court process. Divorce can be incredibly stressful, and studies have illustrated that people are more likely to comply to terms when they are part of the decision making process. For this reason, mediation can help with charged disputes, such as custody schedules.

Professionals have experience navigating communication obstacles between spouses. Mediators are trained in helping everyone involved see the situation from a fresh angle when the individuals involved are stalled on key issues.

Explore Creative, Flexible Solutions Through Mediation

Because creative solutions can happen through communication, it is more likely to craft a flexible divorce agreement through the mediation process. This can be particularly helpful when each party has specific areas they want addressed. A mediator can help the couple brainstorm solutions that could make sense, leading to individuals securing what they need rather than worrying about who is deemed the winner of a fight.

If you are ready to explore a divorce path that is less expensive, faster, but still helps you pave the road to your future, discuss the possibility of mediation with a Tampa divorce attorney. When you choose Florida mediation, a single session may be all that is required. Particularly if both parties are open to compromises.

Is an out-of-court solution possible for you? The legal team at Blair H. Chan, III can answer all of your questions about negotiations, mediation, court, and divorce. Once you share your priorities for the future with us, we can help you achieve those goals. Often mediation is a viable solution. Call 813-202-7831 today to schedule a consultation.

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