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During A FL Divorce, Beware Of Social Media


Social media is part of daily life for many in Florida and around the world. People use their social media accounts to stay in touch with family members, follow their favorite news outlets, and share their professional accomplishments. These platforms can be fun, engaging, and entertaining for individuals, but when you are going through a divorce it is important to be careful about what you post and how you comment.

To learn about best practices when pursuing a Florida divorce, connect with a seasoned Tampa family lawyer. Legal professionals can share with you how you should be interacting with your soon-to-be-ex spouse and if it would be advantageous for you to stay off of social media platforms until your divorce is finalized.

Issues that Can Arise from Comments and Posts

When you separate from a spouse, it is an incredibly emotional time. Many want to share the news with friends and family members in order to talk through what is happening to them and seek advice. This is normal, but it should not be done on social media. Any of the following social media posts could be used against you later in the divorce process.

  • Complaining about a spouse and badmouthing them could be used as evidence of volatile or unpredictable behavior.
  • Images of expensive purchases and luxury vacations may complicate your efforts to obtain the asset distribution you are seeking.
  • Lewd posts or pictures of wild parties can make it difficult when a specific custody arrangement is being pursued.
  • Adjusting a relationship status before a marriage has ended, changing it to single, could result in your spouse being upset and pushing against your requests.

Naturally, these are only a handful of examples, which is why your lawyer may advise you to simply stay off social media as what is ok to post and what can cause problems later can be hard to determine, particularly when a person is going through a disruptive life change, such as a divorce.

Asset Division and Assessing Lifestyles

While there are many issues to address when a Florida marriage ends, asset division is often an area of dispute. If you are pursuing maintenance payments or child custody with support payments, posts of a lucrative lifestyle could call those financial needs into question.

If you want to talk through your social media use, connect with an experienced Tampa family lawyer. Also, if you have noticed posts from your spouse that you have found upsetting or believe call into question their asset reporting, share that information with your attorney.

Is social media and sharing personal information part of your daily life? It is important you understand how a post can impact your post-divorce objectives. To secure the future you are hoping for, connect with the experienced attorneys at Blair H. Chan, III. Family attorneys have the skills, background and resources to fight for the life you want once your divorce is finalized. And small behavioral shifts, like staying off of social media, could strengthen your path to achieving your goals. To get started, call 813-280-5301 to schedule a consultation.

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