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Helping Teens Cope Through The Divorce Process


Divorce can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult for a parent to know how to help their teenager when they are experiencing a lot of emotional upheaval themselves. Large life changes are difficult, at every age. Even if you know you have made the right decision to move forward with a divorce, you could be worried about your kids. This is normal.

Discuss your situation with a Tampa family lawyer. A skilled attorney can provide you with the support you need when it comes to legal matters, such as creating a parenting plan and negotiating who will be making college payments when a teenager graduates from high school, for instance. Additionally, divorce attorneys know of other professionals who may be able to provide guidance, including therapists and counselors.

Boundaries, Schedules, and Professional Help

While you need to have boundaries around topics discussed with teens, you can be honest with them so they understand the circumstances. For example, you can share with them that although their parents will no longer be married, both of them will continue to love and care for them.

The divorce process can be messy and it is common for families to experience disputes and not be able to agree amicably. If a teen is struggling, connecting with someone outside of the family, such as a therapist or counselor, could result in the teen learning how to accept the new structure of their family.

If your teen is exhibiting the following, reach out for third party support.

  • Insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • Symptoms of anxiety or extreme sadness
  • Problems in school or an academic decline
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Anger toward family members
  • Sudden shifts in peer groups

Addressing issues without delay means issues can be dealt with and learned from. When problems are ignored, unhealthy behaviors can turn into habits. Explore paths to resolution as soon as possible.

Acceptance May Take Longer Than You’d Like

Everyone acclimates to new lifestyles in their own way. While you may want your teen to snap out of feeling blue immediately, the truth is processing a divorce can take time. But with loving, supportive parents, acceptance will come.

You deserve to be happy, and if it is time to end your marriage, you should do so. While kids may initially be surprised when they learn their parents are divorcing, they will acclimate over time. Thriving teens have divorced parents, change is a reality of life. Talk to a Tampa family lawyer to learn about options for your family.

Is your teen having a difficult time accepting that you and your spouse are divorcing? Support resources are available. The experienced attorneys at Blair H. Chan, III can take care of all the legal aspects of your divorce and connect you with additional resources, if needed. Divorce is a huge life change for the couple ending their marriage, and it also impacts the larger family. To talk through your options, including collaborative divorce, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, connect with our attorneys. To get started, call 813-280-5301 to schedule an initial consultation.

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