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I Think My Spouse Is Intentionally Delaying Our Divorce


How long a divorce will take to finalize depends on a variety of factors. Some spouses are confident it is time to end the marriage and quickly move through the mediation process, negotiating the terms of asset division and other concerns. But in other situations, the process takes longer. Either because one or both parties are unsure if they want to divorce, there are ongoing arguments about what a divorce agreement will look like, or a combination of issues.

If your spouse is delaying the divorce process, an experienced Tampa family lawyer has the skills you need to move negotiations forward. Resolving disputes and dividing marital assets is possible, even when an agreement feels out of reach.

Ways a Divorce Can Be Delayed

Why a spouse delays the divorce process varies from individual to individual. If you suspect your spouse is intentionally slowing the process down, they may be doing so to emotionally hurt you, to try and get a larger financial settlement, or they may be dragging their feet in an attempt to save the marriage. But any desires to save the union will have to have the support of both parties. If you are sure the marriage is ending, take steps to work past delay tactics.

A handful of ways divorces can be stalled:

  • Changing divorce attorneys repeatedly.
  • Refusing to sign documents that need to be signed.
  • Requesting a lot of meetings of filing excessive motions.
  • Avoiding communication that needs to happen.
  • Continually revising agreements or requests.

Financial support could also be an issue. For example, if your spouse is receiving spousal maintenance payments through a temporary order but suspects they will not be awarded alimony permanently, they may want to continue with the temporary spousal support payments as long as possible. This could also be true of temporary child support orders.

When financial reasons are identified, sometimes an adjustment to the agreement will result in the delaying spouse agreeing it is time to finalize. If a person simply will not budge, a judge can become involved, if a person takes too long to respond to legal documents, for instance.

Remain Calm and Talk to an Attorney

It is natural to become frustrated when another person is making the divorce process difficult, but there are solutions in reach. Have a Tampa family lawyer handle negotiations and legal filings so you can remain calm and focus on the life you are building. Any questions you have about divorce or other family law matters can be addressed by a skilled attorney who has a background in family law. Reach out to secure the support you need.

Is your divorce taking far longer than you would like? Talk through what legal options you have with the lawyers at Blair H. Chan, III. Once key areas of disputes are identified, our seasoned attorneys have the experience to work toward solutions. Hiring a talented Tampa family lawyer is a way to secure the future you are seeking. To schedule your initial consultation, call 813-280-5301.

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