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Is My Ex Allowed To Call During My Parenting Time?


Sharing parenting responsibility when you are separated or divorced can be stressful. There may be a lot of confusion connected to communication, possibly with parents calling or texting kids throughout their time at the other parent’s house. While there are situations in which a parent needs to reach out, if you feel the individual you are co-parenting with has crossed that line, it may be time to put communication guidelines into a parenting plan.

When a separation is leading to a divorce, it is time to begin creating legal agreements that will make your future life secure and stable. Clarity within a parenting plan can be part of this process. To learn what options are available to you, connect with a Tampa divorce attorney.

When Communication May Be Necessary

Part of developing a communication plan is understanding the unique needs of your family. There are likely times when communication is needed to help children through the transition process, from one household to two. This transition period does not have to be open ended, you and your spouse can make agreements that last a set amount of time. Or, if you feel the terms established are appropriate for ongoing communication, that could also be an option.

Examples of when regular communication may be put in place:

  • A parent is unable to see their child during a set visit period due to geographical distance so video calls are scheduled.
  • There is a change in plans, such as pick up or drop off time adjustments, so communication will occur via text.
  • Phone calls are reserved for when there is unusual news, outlined as the parents prefer.

It is likely impossible to address every situation, so there is an element of both parents agreeing to respect boundaries, but when standing disputes are addressed it can lead to set guidelines. Then, kids will not feel like they have to address the concerns of arguing parents.

Parenting Plans Can Be a Helpful Tool

Often it is beneficial to view a parenting plan as a tool to assist with planning, scheduling and communication. Unexpected things will happen and it may not be possible to avoid all future disputes, but if you already recognize points of conflict, such as communication issues, those can be addressed in a plan which could smooth over some conflicts.

Whatever your separation or divorce concern is, there could be a legal solution. To explore your options, talk to a Tampa divorce attorney.

Do you get annoyed when your ex calls during your scheduled time with your kids? A legal professional can guide you through your options and inform you of possible solutions, such as establishing a well-crafted parenting plan or a modified custody agreement. There are Tampa family lawyers who have the skills you need. Connect with the legal team at Blair H. Chan, III to discuss your objectives as you move through the divorce process. Our attorneys are familiar with custody disputes and other divorce disruptions. Call 813-202-7831 today to schedule a case consultation.

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