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Seeking A Child Support Increase In Florida


For many, child support payments are key to balancing a household budget, ensuring the children have all they need following a Florida divorce. While the benefits of support payment are well understood, when circumstances change, an amount that once seemed sufficient may no longer cover the meet needs of the child.

When you find yourself wondering if a child support increase is possible, talk through your options with a Tampa family lawyer.

Significant Changes In Financial Circumstances

The primary reason that warrants a child support increase is when there is a large change in one or both parent’s financial circumstances. Why the significant shift occurred, due to a job loss, a career change that has led to a hefty income increase, or unforeseen financial challenges, the courts recognize that life changes over time.

In Florida, child support modifications are typically pursued through the court system, with the requesting party demonstrating a substantial change in circumstances. A lawyer can help you initiate the process, and before doing so your attorney will assess whether your situation meets the legal criteria for a modification.

Talking to a lawyer is a way to be sure you are in a strong position. Going into the modification process without proper preparation can cause you stress and you may not be able to connect with the outcome you are seeking. For instance, you will need clear evidence of an income change or documentation of a great increase in a child’s needs, whether that is due to medical expenses or educational costs.

Negotiation and Collaborative Approaches

Sometimes, after you have reviewed your situation with an attorney, the facts of your case will allow you to begin an open and honest discussion with the other parent. Doing so could lead to a mutually agreeable solution, an adjustment to the child support amount, temporary or permanently, without the need for a contentious court battle. Your lawyer can facilitate these discussions.

There are also collaborative approaches, such as mediation, that can be accessed. Through a mediation process, a neutral third party will facilitate conversations between the parents, fostering a cooperative environment. Because mediation is less adversarial and more amicable, many prefer it to court as a way to address the need for a support increase.

When you have a Tampa family lawyer by your side, a legal expert will protect your rights and work for a child support modification agreement that is fair and equitable. More financial support could be secured, but it’s essential to understand what legal avenues are available in Florida.

Have you been looking at your finances and believe you need a child support increase to care for your child? Consulting with the seasoned legal team at Blair H. Chan, III is a path to learning whether your situation qualifies for a modification. Your attorney will guide you through the legal processes, whether you are pursuing a court-ordered modification or mediation. To keep your child’s best interests at the forefront and collect the funds you need to provide for them, call 813-202-7831.

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