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Should I Talk To A FL Divorce Lawyer?


There are many situations when it is beneficial to talk to a Florida divorce lawyer. For example, if you and your spouse will be separating, you can talk to an attorney about establishing a legal separation, which will outline custody arrangements and financial concerns while you and your spouse are living apart. Other couples are still living in the same home but want to divorce. Each situation has its own facts and needs to be assessed on an individual basis.

Talking to a Tampa family lawyer provides you with options. Should you choose to separate or divorce, knowing your legal options means you can move forward with confidence during a time of life that can be incredibly overwhelming emotionally.

Key Issues and Possible Solutions

While you may assume you do not need a lawyer because you are not going to court, an attorney can advise you on key issues and negotiate with the other party’s legal team to be sure you are securing your objectives.

Situations when it is in your best interests to talk to a divorce lawyer:

  • Divorce papers have been served to you.
  • You have learned your spouse is already talking to a family attorney of their own.
  • Separation or divorce is something you have been considering for some time.
  • Your marriage is having problems and you suspect your spouse is moving or transferring assets.
  • You know your marriage is ending and want to be sure you will have primary custody of kids or you want to push for specific terms within a co-parenting agreement.

Even when people initially believe their divorce will be simple, complexities can arise. This is particularly true when there are custody concerns or large assets and debts.

Beware of Do-It-Yourself Divorces

To protect yourself and your future, secure legal representation. When people choose to forgo their own attorney, they could be in a financially fragile position for years or decades to come as a result. A skilled attorney will inform you of your options each step of the way, letting you know what terms you are agreeing to before you sign off to something that does not provide you with your fair share of assets.

A Tampa family lawyer will provide you with the legal support you need throughout the process, from an initial meeting to signing the final divorce agreement. Choosing to hire a lawyer for your divorce means you will be educated and will know if a mediation or other collaborative process will work for you. If so, then you can sidestep the time, expense, and stress of a court battle.

Are you contemplating a separation or divorce and are confused about how a lawyer can help? Skilled legal professionals can guide you through the process and inform you of possible outcomes. Meet with the legal team at Blair H. Chan, III to discuss your goals. When you connect with a skilled Tampa family lawyer, you can build the life you want now and into the future. Call 813-202-7831 today to schedule an initial consultation.

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