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Study Shows a Higher Chance of Divorce in The Event of a Wide Age Gap

Wide Age Gap

Wide Age GapMarriage is never easy, but a new study pinpoints that it may be more difficult for those couples who have a significant age difference between them.

According to research out of Emory University, those couples who have a bigger age difference will face a higher risk of divorce than other couples.

What Impact an Age Difference Has

There are plenty of stereotypes about age differences between men and women in either direction. Older men may be in a relationship with women five or more years younger than them. Whereas, women who have a relationship with younger men may be classified as a cougar.

According to a study of 3000 people, however, a major age difference between a couple increases the chances of divorce. There is a 30% higher risk of divorce for couples with a major age difference in general. If you and your spouse are 5 or more years apart in age, then the risk of divorce is high as 18%.

If the partners are ten years apart in age, the risk of divorce increases to 39%. For those couples who have 20 years between them indicate that your best chance for an intact marriage is when you only have one year separating you and your partner. There are many different factors that may influence your willingness to get divorced.

Other Causes of Divorce

Simply growing apart from a partner is one of the most common reasons that people choose to end their marriage. It can be a difficult experience to come to terms with the fact that your marriage is ending and many people may struggle with this decision and choose to separate first before deciding to move forward with a divorce.

A divorce is also an extremely personal decision, whether or not you have significant age difference between you and your spouse or not.

It can be difficult to make this decision while receiving input from many other parties, particularly if you and your spouse are trying to keep them private while you sort out your feelings and figure out what is truly best for you.

During this situation one of the best sounding boards can be a Florida divorce attorney. In the event that you and your spouse are able to come to terms on many of the major issues in the divorce, you may be eligible to pursue what is known as an uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce can make things easier and less expensive for both of you, if you can come to terms of agreement and decide to move on as amicably as possible.

Just because you are married to someone older or significantly older or younger than you, does not necessarily mean that you will get divorced, but the study mentioned above is important for realizing that you may have a greater risk for divorce.

Entering into a relationship with a significant age difference also increases the importance of having conversations about issues like a prenuptial agreement. It is essential for both parties to be on the same page financially when entering into a new marriage.

Understanding the responsibilities of each party in the marriage can help to minimize confusion and decrease the chances of arguments down the line. As couples grow older both individually and with one another, small cracks in a relationship can begin to become major divides if both parties are not able to get on the same page.

A prenuptial agreement can help to outline many of the major issues associated with a dissolution of the marriage. If there are other issues not outlined in the pre-nuptial agreement, but which you and your former spouse can agree on, then pursuing an uncontested divorce in Florida, may be strongly recommended. It is up to you to determine what is most appropriate for your individual situation.

Consult with an Expert Florida Divorce Attorney Today

Speaking with the Tampa divorce lawyers at Blair H. Chan III PLLC can help get all of your questions answered and ensure that you have a sounding board when you are determining whether or not it is in your best interest to get divorced.

A lawyer may become an important confidant and advisor during the divorce process in Florida.

Learn why divorce especially hard for older women: http://bchanlaw.com/divorce-hard-especially-for-older-women/


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