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Tampa Child Support Adjustments


At the time of a divorce, child support agreements are made based on the financial facts and parenting arrangement of the parents at the time, taking the needs of the children into account. But life isn’t stagnant, there are times when the circumstances of the parents have changed or the needs of the children have shifted.

Whether child support payments were mutually agreed upon or court ordered, they need to be made on time. You are not allowed to stop payments or change the payment amount without going through the proper adjustment process. If you want to change the amount you owe or the amount you receive, talk to a Tampa family lawyer about what is possible given the details of your situation.

Timesharing Changes, Income Loss, and More

Sometimes the need for a change in child support is obvious, but that does not mean the process is simple. If both parents are open to negotiation, child support lawyers can guide the parents through creating an updated arrangement and having that arrangement approved by a Florida court. If there are disagreements about a child support change, going to court may be required.

Situations that could prompt a support order modification:

  • Income loss or reduction for parent making support payments
  • Change in the needs of the child or children
  • A change in the timesharing schedule
  • A parent receiving payments has experienced a boost in resources

People’s finances change over time. Ideally, people will experience a rise in their assets but that is not always the case. When there is a significant change in resources since the time a child support agreement was reached, a child support modification could be possible.

Parental Agreement for a New Parenting Plan

When parents are able to agree to updated terms, it will be less stressful and cost less. That said, verbal agreements need to be made formal through the court process. This shields everyone involved from future legal disputes.

Talk to a Tampa family lawyer about the agreement you and your ex-spouse have reached. Your lawyer will tell you if they believe a judge will authorize the change. There are situations in which the court does not find a new arrangement to be fair, particularly if it doesn’t outline how the expenses of child rearing will be met. After all, it is the court’s responsibility to keep the best interests of the children top of mind. If it is not clear who will be supplying the funds required, a judge could uphold a prior child support arrangement that was put in place at the time the divorce was finalized.

Is it time for you to have your child support dispute addressed? You do not have to navigate this thorny issue on your own, the experienced attorneys at Blair H. Chan, III can help. Our attorneys have the skills, background and resources to fight for the future you need, whether you and your ex-spouse are in agreement or not. To get started, call 813-202-7831 to schedule an initial consultation.

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