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The Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

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Collaborative Divorce AttorneyCollaborative divorce is a new way for couples to settle issues when seeking a divorce. This process is proving to be an excellent alternative to taking the matter to court.

In order for the collaborative divorce method to work, both parties must be willing to try to settle matters out of court. Each spouse hires a separate lawyer.

These lawyers practice independently and thoroughly understand how to work with another lawyer to reach a fair settlement. Each lawyer will protect and direct his client in good faith from start to finish.

Matters such as child custody, financial support, and property division can cause considerable anxiety. Couples with pent up hostility can experience gridlock. The solution is to work with an experienced collaborative divorce lawyer Tampa who has the knowledge and experience to tackle each difficult issue until the best settlement is reached.

What Are the Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce in Tampa?

1. The Collaborative Divorce Method Saves Time

Through a series of sessions, the process can be streamlined to get matters settled as quickly and easily as possible. A well-paced schedule of meetings, made at times that are convenient to all parties, allow for flexibility.

With the guidance of the lawyers, both parties can normally get on with their lives quicker and with a better settlement than if they used the traditional divorce court method.

2. This Procedure Allows You to Start Implementing Parts of the Agreement Faster

In some cases, there are matters that need to be handled quickly, even while the rest of the divorce agreement is unsettled. An example could be current bills that need to be paid. The collaborative divorce attorney can get the situation temporarily stabilized while negotiations are ongoing.

3. An Exchange of Information Can Occur More Quickly

Gathering information from both sides is called “discovery“. As part of the agreements with the collaborative lawyers, parties agree to provide requested information quickly.

4. This Procedure Can Save Money

One of the notable benefits of using the collaborative divorce method is the lower costs. Protracted divorce court proceeding can be very costly. Therefore, couples appreciate that they have control over keeping costs down by cooperating with this process.

Furthermore, both parties have the opportunity to agree on the procedure that will cost the least amount of money. The more they cooperative they are, the quicker they come to an agreement and the lower the cost of the divorce.

5. Collaborative Divorce Preserves the Parties’ Privacy and Dignity

With this method of divorce, matters are settled in private instead of in court. In the lawyer’s office or conference room, matters can be hashed out in a more informal manner. Parties are able to speak more openly, making it easier to get to the heart of the matter and to a proper resolution.

This environment is less adversarial than a courtroom. Collaborative lawyers are usually trained in non-confrontational techniques and are skilled in helping their clients reach an amicable agreement.

6. This is a Better Environment for Successful Negotiations

Using collaborative divorce attorneys, divorcing parties have more control over the outcome rather than having the court decide what is best for them. They are able to speak more freely without worrying about offending a judge or speaking without the court’s permission.

In the courtroom setting, one lawyer may be better at presenting arguments or a judge may be biased and unfair. In a collaborative divorce, there is instead a spirit of cooperation that allows you to take as little or as much time as needed to work out a good settlement.

Both parties will have far greater control over the outcome and they are much less likely to walk away feeling they were treated unfairly, as can often happen in the courtroom settlement.

7. There is the Flexibility to Call in Expert Advice as Needed

If an impasse arises in the negotiations, an expert can be called in to help resolve the issue. For example, if finances are the problem, an accountant can present creative ideas that may not have been thought of by either party.

If children are involved, a child advocacy expert could present options, not working in a heavy-handed way but instead looking at the situation objectively, taking into account each persons’ needs and capabilities.

If the splitting of property is in dispute, such as the value of a jointly held business, an appraiser can be employed to give an objective financial opinion.

In situations where communications between spouses is particularly difficult, a certified family law mediator or divorce counselor can be called in to assist in that aspect of the negotiations. Difficult issues can be taken one at a time until all are resolved.

8. Your Lawyer Can Help Even After the Settlement is Reached

The lawyers will make certain that the divorce paperwork is completed and filed accurately, including the settlement agreement that was reached.

Problems may not end after the divorce is final. Your lawyers can present options for resolving future issues that surface after the divorce.

Thankfully, you are no longer forced into a courtroom setting to take what the court gives you. Now you have the option of working with a collaborative divorce lawyer Tampa toward reaching a settlement that works best for your unique situation.

Speak with a Collaborative Divorce Attorney Tampa

When you’re sure that you are getting a divorce, find an experienced divorce attorney in Tampa who will help you. Confide in him at every step. Let him know what’s important to you. He is your advocate, someone who will work to get you what you need to get on with your life.

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