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The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

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Collaborative divorce is a growing trend in divorce proceedings and takes a non-adversarial approach to the divorce process. Unlike traditional litigation, the collaborative method is a voluntary agreement between spouses to attempt to work out their issues outside of the courtroom. There are many benefits to collaborative divorce, and it may be the right option for you. To learn more about the collaborative divorce process, contact a Tampa collaborative divorce attorney today.

Time and Cost 

Some of the main benefits of collaborative divorce are the time and money saving aspects of the process. The collaborative method allows you and your spouse to control the pace and timing of your negotiations over issues because you are not reliant on the court’s schedule. This can allow you to finalize the agreement much faster than a typical divorce. Because the process can move faster, it also saves you and your spouse money in attorneys’ fees and court costs. 


Another benefit of the collaborative divorce process is the confidentiality of the process. Your finances, arguments, and other personal details are kept out of the open court record, which can be searched by anyone in the general public. In addition, the discussion and negotiation that goes into the collaborative process also remain confidential, even if the process fails and you shift to a traditional divorce. Nothing said during the process can be used against you, and the collaborative attorney working on your case cannot be called as a witness to testify about an issue discussed. 

Less Negative Emotions 

The collaborative method relies on a couple being willing to cooperate, negotiate, and communicate about issues. This can greatly reduce the stress, anxiety, and animosity that can come with a traditional litigated divorce where the spouses are pitted against one another to get the better outcome. This is particularly helpful if minor children are involved in the process. As parents, you will be required to continue to communicate with your spouse long after the divorce is complete, so approaching the process collaboratively can lead to less hostility when discussing the needs of your children later.

Creating a Divorce Agreement Specific to You 

Another benefit of collaborative divorce is that it allows you and your spouse to create a finalized divorce agreement that specifically meets your needs. In a traditional divorce, if you and your spouse cannot come to a solution on an issue, the court will usually order a standard solution. This might not actually fit your or your spouse’s needs, but you will be required to comply with the order. Collaborative divorce allows the opportunity to come up with creative solutions to issues that specifically fit your needs and that of your family. This in turn leads to an overall better outcome for everyone involved in the process and minimizes the chances that you and your spouse will end up in court later arguing about an aspect of the agreement.

Talk to Our Office Now 

Collaborative divorce may be the right option for your Tampa divorce. To learn more, call or contact the law office of Blair H. Chan, III today.


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