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The Benefits of Mediation in a Higher Net Worth Divorce


The divorce process is rarely easy, but when a couple has a high net worth a divorce can become even more complex. Most high net worth estates have significant assets, complicated financial instruments, and a host of other issues that must be resolved before divorce negotiations are complete. Divorce mediation is one option for high net worth couples that would like to facilitate the divorce process quickly and privately. For more information on the benefits of mediation in high net worth divorce cases, call or contact the law office of Blair H. Chan, III today to schedule an initial consultation of your case.

Privacy in Your Proceedings

One of the biggest benefits of divorce mediation in a high net worth case is the privacy that the process provides for couples. In a traditional litigated divorce, all proceedings happen in open court. This means that everything said goes on the record, which can be requested by any member of the public for review. All problems, issues, accusations, financial talk, and anything else brought up in court is available for the world to see.

In mediation, the discussion and negotiation between a couple is kept private. There is no record of what is said other than a final agreement on the issues. If the mediation breaks down, nothing that was said during the process can be used as evidence in court. Your life can remain private during this trying time and out of the public eye.

Quickly and Efficiently Solve Problems

Another benefit to divorce mediation for high net worth couples is how much faster and efficient the process can be compared to traditional litigation. If you litigate your divorce in court, you are subject to the court’s schedule. This can mean weeks or months in between hearings, and the adversarial nature of court can lead to long, protracted battles with your spouse over the smallest things. The discovery process in traditional divorce can be a lengthy process, and if you cannot agree on important terms it could lead to a full trial on the issues.

Divorce mediation can expedite the process of your divorce because it focuses on finding solutions that work for both parties. Spouses are encouraged to compromise instead of having a “winner takes all” attitude about the divorce. This can be particularly advantageous for high net worth couples who may have assets that suffer the longer that the divorce goes on. Property values can decrease, accounts may be frozen, and both sides may lose more than they bargained for in a traditional divorce.

Call or Contact Us Today

These reasons and more are why you should consider divorce mediation in a high net worth divorce case. To talk to an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer about your case, call the office or contact us at the law office of Blair H. Chan, III today to schedule an initial consultation and discuss your legal options.




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