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The Impact Of Third Persons On A Child Custody Case


The people involved in a child custody case go beyond just the two parents. Third persons that play a role in your child’s life can have a substantial impact on the outcome of the custody and visitation arrangement for you and your child. At the law office of Blair H. Chan, III our knowledgeable Florida child custody attorneys are prepared to answer all your legal questions and advise you on how third persons may affect your custody case in the Tampa Bay area. To learn more, call or contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

What Third Persons Can Affect the Case? 

There are many others, often referred to as third persons or third parties, who may impact a child custody case in Florida. Some of the most common third parties that have input on the outcome of a custody or visitation matter include the following:

  • Siblings,
  • Grandparents,
  • Extended family members,
  • Friends,
  • Neighbors,
  • Teachers,
  • Romantic partners, and
  • Other associates

How Do They Affect the Case? 

Third persons can affect child custody in many different ways. Some third parties, such as neighbors or teachers may be interviewed by social workers or attorneys, or they may be called to testify during a child custody case. These individuals may provide evidence about the quality of care that the child is receiving from either parent or about any possible abuse or neglect that is happening in the home.

The court may also weigh the importance of the relationships with other third persons, such as siblings, grandparents, and other extended family members when determining what custody arrangement is in the best interests of the child. While third parties typically do not possess the same rights as a parent in these situations, if a child has been primarily raised by a third person or has particularly close relationships with them it could impact the outcome of a custody case.

Romantic partners and other associates can also affect a child custody case. Any person who comes in regular contact with your child, especially if they are engaging with them regularly inside the home, can be an issue in a custody matter. This is especially true if romantic partners or other associates have a criminal history or protection orders filed against them. Child custody arrangements have been determined and modified in Florida based on the third parties that a parent chooses to surround themselves with, and it has the potential to affect your case, as well. To learn more, call or contact our office today.

Talk to Blair H. Chan, III 

At the law office of Blair H. Chan, III in Tampa Bay, we understand the importance that third persons may play in your child custody case. With the potential to substantially impact the custody or visitation agreement for your child, our experienced Tampa family attorneys are here to walk you through every step of your case. If you would like to schedule a consultation with our office, call or contact us now.

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