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Tips For Choosing A FL Divorce Lawyer


Choosing a Florida divorce attorney you can trust is essential. You want someone you are comfortable communicating with, so they understand your objectives and make sure your interests are spoken for throughout the process of creating a divorce agreement. You need a teammate, someone who is both compassionate when you are sharing your stories and aggressive when it comes to fighting for your goals.

There are many divorce attorneys and not all of them possess the same skill sets. When selecting a Tampa family lawyer, you want someone with experience in cases similar to your own.

Some Ways to Get Your Search Started

If you are unsure how to get your lawyer selection process started, begin by asking friends and family members for recommendations. You can also look online and read reviews posted by people who have worked with the attorney in the past.

Next, set up a few initial conversations to determine which lawyer you feel comfortable with. One or more of the following questions could be helpful in learning more about an attorney and their working style.

  1. How long have you been handling Florida divorce cases?
  2. Have you seen cases like mine before and what were the results you obtained?
  3. Is there a cost estimation for me to assess so I can plan for the fees involved?
  4. If I share my goals with you, will you tell me how you will achieve them?

First meetings are also a great time to discuss communication styles. For example, if you want to be informed and involved every step of the way, ask the lawyer if that is how they have worked with past clients. On the other hand, some people prefer being left out of day-to-day issues and want to be contacted only when high priority concerns arise. Then, they can focus on building up their personal life knowing their attorney is seeing to all of the legal ins and outs of the divorce.

It is normal to experience a lot of emotion, so being prepared for meetings with a list of priorities and issues is advised. With a list in hand, you will be able to focus when talking to your lawyer, informing them of what elements are most important to you and where you are willing to negotiate in order to obtain your key goals.

Feeling Confident and Assured

While you may want to simply hire a lawyer and get on with it, spending a little time and research will allow you to find the right match, someone who will help you move forward with confidence. Working with a Florida divorce attorney is a time of transition, Tampa family lawyers are available to help.

What traits are important to you when choosing a divorce attorney? Bring your questions to the legal team at Blair H. Chan, III. Our seasoned attorneys will fight for your rights throughout the divorce process. When you connect with a talented Tampa family lawyer, you can build the life you want now and into the future. Call 813-280-5301 today to schedule an initial consultation.

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