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What is Durational Alimony?

Family Law Appeals

Despite federal changes to the tax code in recent years that make alimony less desirable for wealthier spouses, Florida law still allows for many different types of spousal support to be awarded during and after a divorce. Understanding the different types of alimony and how they might affect your overall divorce settlement is crucial to the ultimate success of your case. One of the most common types of alimony awarded in Florida divorce cases is durational alimony. At the law office of Blair H. Chan, III in Tampa Bay, we have successfully represented many clients with their spousal support matters and are prepared to zealously advocate for you. Call the office or contact us today to schedule an initial consultation of your case now.

What is Durational Alimony?

Under Florida law, durational alimony is also known as permanent periodic alimony. This type of spousal support is awarded when the court determines that one spouse is in need of economic assistance for a set period of time following the divorce. Durational alimony is usually awarded for short or moderate-term marriages where the court does not award permanent alimony but still recognizes that a need for one spouse exists. Durational spousal support automatically terminates upon the end of the set term, at the remarriage of the recipient spouse, or at the death of either spouse.

Durational Alimony is Not Temporary Alimony

One of the most common misconceptions about durational alimony is that it often gets confused with temporary alimony. The key difference between these two different types of spousal support is the timing. Temporary alimony is awarded to a spouse while the divorce proceedings are ongoing and terminate at the finalization of the divorce agreement. Durational alimony begins once the divorce is finalized for a set period of time. It is possible for the court to award a spouse both temporary alimony during the divorce and durational alimony afterwards.

Other Types of Florida Spousal Support

In addition to durational alimony, Florida law also permits the court to award other types of alimony to a spouse in need of financial support following a divorce. Bridge-the-gap alimony aids a spouse in the economic transition following the divorce and for payment of final expenses stemming from the marriage, such as utility bills and mortgage payments. Rehabilitative alimony is awarded to help a spouse get the necessary education or training necessary to enter the workforce. Permanent alimony is awarded in divorce cases where the marriage was of significant length or when one spouse is unable to provide for themselves financially following a divorce due to age, health, or caretaking responsibilities.

Let us Help You Today

The length and amount of durational alimony awarded in your Florida divorce case can have significant ramifications on your overall divorce settlement. To speak with a Tampa family lawyer about your divorce case and alimony options, call the office or contact us today at the law office of Blair H. Chan, III in now for an initial consultation of your case.






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