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What to Do If You and Your Spouse Can’t Stop Arguing About Money

Arguing About MoneyIt is a well-known fact that people who are typically in better financial shape than their counterparts in their 50’s when those people are married, money has the potential to tear couples apart or to bring them closer together.

Those couples who do stay together tend to have more wealth than those who divorce or never marry, or individuals who live together but choose to never get married. Money can even lead you to think about speaking with a Tampa divorce lawyer.

According to research from Iowa State University, married people simply do better when it comes to considering finances down the road. This is particularly true for individuals who choose to stay married to their first spouse as these individuals usually will enjoy a higher net worth than their peers.

The Iowa State research project looked carefully at individuals’ finances when they hit the 51-56 age bracket, a typical point in life when income and assets will often peak together and retirement planning needs are a hot topic of conversation. Individuals who never get married have more than a three times greater risk for experiencing what is known as negative wealth.

This refers to situations where they have debt that far exceeds any assets. Individuals who are divorced or separated have between a 2.2 and a 3.0 higher risk of experiencing negative wealth than individuals who stayed married.

Unfortunately, the complications of staying married to someone when finances are a constant source of arguments can be very challenging. Money fights are extremely common with married couples, but this does not make it any easier to cope with them.

The stress can be felt throughout the family, especially when children are involved. Ultimately, money can be a make or break it situation for a couple that cannot seem to get on the same page.

As a couple grows older, if they recognize they are not of the same mindset when it comes to money goals, this can be a big source of divide and lead to the couple growing apart.

This is why many individuals in this situation in Florida will think about consulting with an experienced Florida divorce attorney. It is never easy to acknowledge that your marriage is struggling and attempting to get help can be equally as frustrating if you and your spouse are simply unable to get on the same page.

If you and your spouse are struggling to overcome massive debt or are unable to accomplish your same savings goals, it may begin to feel as though the two of you are on different paths. This can form the basis for resentment and constant arguments between spouses.

When you and your spouse are not able to rectify these concerns, it can lead you to think about the potential benefits of a separation or divorce.

In this situation it’s imperative that you have the insight of an experienced Florida divorce attorney. Arguing about money might start out in a small way with bickering happening over minor incidents.

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However, this can evolve into more serious arguments if you have major debts or if both parties cannot agree on their spending habits. One of the best ways to support a healthy marriage is to ensure that the two of you are on the same page when you get married to one another with regards to both savings and addressing any debts.

It is never easy to come to the conclusion that you and your spouse may need to get divorced, but it might also be the right step for your family if you’re spending all your time arguing about money. Separating can ease some of the stress and frustration from your life.

Discuss Your Case With Tampa family Attorney Today

People who are going in different directions will have bigger and longer arguments associated with money that could even lead to divorce. If you are thinking about getting divorced in Florida, the best way to handle this situation is to consult with an experienced attorney in Tampa.

Do not hesitate to reach out to a lawyer today to learn more about how this can help you in a difficult time.

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