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When Is A Good Time To Divorce?


If you are contemplating a Florida divorce, you may be wondering when would be the best time to do so. Every situation has its own unique needs, so when to divorce will vary from family to family. For some, moving toward their future as soon as possible is desired. Others are weighing outside issues, from child custody to the real estate market.

To talk over your options, make an appointment with a Tampa family lawyer. Once an attorney understands your objectives, they can provide you with a plan. How long the divorce process will take will depend on a few different factors, including if your divorce will be uncontested, guided by a mediator, or if litigation is required to achieve your goals.

Selling the Marital Home and Other Financial Concerns

Sometimes, if you and your spouse know that you will be selling the marital home, the timing of your divorce could be impacted by the real estate market. You may, for example, want to wait until you can get a certain amount for your marital property, knowing that it will be enough for each person to afford the separate spaces they want. Or, if you will be remaining in the home and your spouse will receive other assets, it may be desirable for you to land on an agreement when the real estate market is slow.

And, of course, real estate matters aren’t the only financial concern people have. Employment could be an issue as well. If one person has recently been laid off or had their hours cut, it may make sense to delay divorce until they are fully employed again and able to support themselves as a single individual.

Additionally, a couple needs to have been married for at least 10 years if they want to access social security benefits connected to their ex-spouse’s income. This could be a key consideration in the timing of a divorce.

Minor Children and Child Custody

If your family has minor children, your divorce may be more complicated as child custody, visitation schedules, and the need for child support payments will need to be assessed. You may choose to time a divorce in a way that aligns with school schedules, including possibly waiting until a teenager is off to college.

Whether financial support will be available to a young adult in their college years should be part of your divorce agreement. Discuss your concerns with a Tampa family lawyer to fully understand the difference timing shifts could make.

What are your timing concerns when it comes to separating and divorcing? For the legal guidance you need, reach out to the attorneys at Blair H. Chan, III. Our experienced family law attorneys have the knowledge, skills, and resources to guide you through the laws of Florida. If waiting will secure your objectives, your lawyer will inform you of how to proceed. Or, if you want to end the marriage as soon as possible, our seasoned attorneys will walk you through options that take less time. To get started, call 813-202-7831 to schedule an initial consultation.

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