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Why You Need A Lawyer In A Paternity Case


Establishing the paternity of a child is one of the best things that you can do for a parent and a child. If you wish to determine a child’s father or if you have been served with a paternity action in the Tampa Bay area, it is important that you have an experienced Florida family law attorney by your side to assist with your case. To learn more about your legal options, call or contact the law office of Blair H. Chan, III to schedule a consultation of your case.

Filing the Proper Paperwork 

A knowledgeable attorney can ensure that the proper paperwork is filed to establish the paternity of a child. If both parents agree on the parentage, then a lawyer can draft and submit a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity. If a potential father is opposed to admitting parentage of a child, then an attorney is necessary to file a paternity action in court. Potential fathers in court also need the representation of an attorney to file a response and handle all documentation during the case. 

Protecting and Defending Rights 

A lawyer is also necessary to protect and defend the rights of all parties involved in a paternity case. An attorney can assert the rights of a mother and child, including that of child support from the biological father. A lawyer can also protect and defend the rights of a man who has been identified as a potential father, ensuring that the proper genetic testing is done before a court legally determines the parentage of a child. 

Settling Matters Related to Paternity 

Finally, an experienced attorney can help parents settle matters related to paternity once the parentage of a child is determined. One of the biggest determinations is that of custody and visitation. A father has just as much right to build a parent/child relationship as a mother, so the physical and legal custody of the child must be determined. Depending on the level of involvement that a father wishes to have, it may also be necessary to determine whether sole or joint custody is a better option.

Child support must also be determined once paternity is established. This amount is dictated by support guidelines in the state legal code, but there are a number of other factors that can increase or decrease the amount of support ordered in a case. An attorney can help determine the proper amount of child support to ensure that a child’s needs are met. To learn more about how a lawyer can help with a paternity case, talk to our office today. 

Talk to Our Office Now 

There are many reasons why determining the paternity of a child is beneficial, and a highly skilled Tampa paternity attorney can help navigate the many issues that come with a paternity action. If you are interested in seeking legal counsel for a parentage action, call the office or contact us at the law office of Blair H. Chan, III today.



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