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Why You Should Consider Custody Mediation


Child custody is often one of the most emotional and stressful decisions that parents must make during the Florida divorce process. This is especially true when both parents want to continue to spend as much time as they can with their child after the divorce and continue to make decisions about their wellbeing. As an alternative to traditional custody litigation, many parents in the Tampa Bay area are utilizing child custody mediation to resolve their differences and create a parenting plan that works for everyone. To learn more about the benefits of custody mediation, call or contact the law office of Blair H. Chan, III today to schedule a free case consultation.

How Custody Mediation Works

Custody mediation takes place outside the courtroom on the family’s schedule and typically comprises the parents, their lawyers, and a neutral third party called the mediator. The mediator identifies all custody issues as well as any special circumstances and then works with the parents to find a solution that compromises on both sides and is unique to the family.

Benefits of Child Custody Mediation

There are many benefits to using custody mediation over traditional litigation. Some of the most commonly cited benefits include the following:

Less Stress on the Child

One of the most significant benefits of child custody mediation is that it places less stress on the child. In traditional litigation, a child can feel pulled between parents or feel an immense pressure to choose one parent over the other. Mediation alleviates feelings of stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions for your child when they know that their parents are working together to create a plan that works for all members of the family. The child may even be able to contribute to the parenting plan, making them feel more involved and better about the situation.

Creating a Unique Plan for Your Family

Another benefit of mediation is that it allows the family to create a custody agreement that is unique to their situation. When parents battle over custody in court the judge must decide the terms, and usually they rely on boilerplate solutions that do not take into account any special circumstances of the family. This often creates even more stress after the divorce because the family is forced to adhere to custody terms that actually work for no one. Mediation allows for any special circumstances, requests, or situations to be addressed and incorporated into a custody agreement so that it works for everyone. 

Establishing Communication for Co-Parenting

Finally, child custody mediation creates a cooperative foundation for future communication between parents once the divorce is finalized. Effective co-parenting is critical to the success of a child, and mediation provides the tools necessary for parents to continue to communicate with each other effectively for the sake of their child, even when their marriage did not work out.

Call or Contact Our Office Now

If you would like to learn more about utilizing mediation for your child custody matter, contact the Tampa child custody lawyers at the law office of Blair H. Chan, III today to schedule a free case evaluation.


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